Pre-diabetes – do I need to be concerned?

Worldwide there is a sharp increase in pre-diabetes. A staggering 81 million American adults (30%) and 1.7 million Australians (16%) are estimated to have this condition .Even more concerning is that a mere seven percent know they have it and there is a 50% chance it will develop into type 2 diabetes between 5-10 years.


But what exactly is it?

Pre-diabetes (or impaired glucose tolerance), is where your blood sugar (glucose) is raised beyond the normal range but it is not so high that you have diabetes. The problem is you will feel well and only know about it if you have a blood test. Equally, even if you are diagnosed as having pre-diabetes you are very unlikely to be prescribed medication instead you will simply be advised to review your lifestyle. This means it’s very easy to do nothing about it.

Why should I change my lifestyle?

This is the blog I’ve written for Sue Loncaric’s community “Sizzling at 60”. Sue and I connected when I read a blog she’d guest written for the The Seeing Me Project, an initiative started by Miller’s Fashion to promote women 40+ and encourage them to engage in conversation, share their stories and life experiences. I am absolutely thrilled to be asked to contribute to her blog as she shares my passion for “riding the wave of midlife with positivity, fun and laughter”.

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Are your skincare products damaging your skin?

Do you know that some of us may use as many as 500 chemicals on our skin every day?

On average women add more than 200 chemicals to their skin daily, and more than 60% of these chemicals get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Chemicals such as Parabens, Petrolatum and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which are added to scent, preserve, synthesise and stabilise products.


If you’re current products contains Petrolatum you may be surprised to know this is derived from crude oil production!  It’s in there as a filler to make you think you’re getting more for your money. Do you really want that on your skin?

If you’re products contain Parabens it is possible that these chemicals may be having a detrimental effect to your body and skin. The advice from the Breast cancer fund is

“Check personal care product labels and avoid any products with parabens or any word ending in “-paraben.”


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are in your hair care, body wash and dental products they are what makes your products lather and an effective cleaning agent. In higher precentages it’s also found in industrial cleaning agents such as engine degreaser and industrial strength detergents. Widely used as a skin irritant when testing products used to heal skin conditions SLS can cause irritation of the scalp, gums and skin at just 1% and in some people the reaction will be quite strong.

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